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Baby Henry
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About Henry
This is Henry’s page, let me fill you in...

Henry is no ordinary goat. You have never met a more enthusiastic, positive goat. He has grand ideas and plans and a great confidence to attempt anything he can think of. For example; there was the time his mother was sick with a simple cold, so he decided to plan a get well a party for her. He invited friends and decorated the house with balloons and streamers. By the time he had finished, his mother had recovered from her slight cold and had to spend the whole weekend cleaning up the streamers, spilt food and popped balloons.

One time Henry got lost on the way home from school as he was distracted following a stray kitten. The fire brigade finally found him after he had followed the kitten up a tree and got stuck there. He had been there for hours and was cold and wet and it was dark. He didn’t get upset he said it was worth it, he learnt something about climbing. He was a natural tree climber, the only problem was getting back down again. Anyway he liked being stuck up the tree, it was like being a brave explorer in the wilderness.

Henry lives in a small, cluttered two story house with his grandfather. His parents are both plump food critics and are always off in other places critiquing food. Henry lives an ordinary life but with the help of his imagination, a simple walk to the corner store can become an adventure. He passes most of his time with his two best friends Rufus and Oscar.

Written and Illustrated By Ella Watkins | Copyright 2008