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Rufus & Oscar
Hnery's Friends
Henry's two best friends are Rufus and Oscar. The three friends make quite a trio. Rufus is a small marsupial with an extraordinary mind. His main focus is on his studies, but Henry manages to loosen him up and have a little fun. Though Henry may be slightly annoying at times, and VERY destructive, Rufus enjoys his company. He always looks out for Henry whenever he is in trouble.

Oscar is a water-phobic crocodile who is attached to his woolen sweaters made by his mother. His favourite is a red Christmas sweater with a green Christmas tree. He calls the sweater Timmy. His greatest fear is of the absolutely necessary fluid, water, so he resorts to drinking strawberry milk instead. Oscar loves Henry’s company, even though his extraordinary doings frighten him immensely, as do most things.

Written and Illustrated By Ella Watkins | Copyright 2008