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Henry hanging
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Hnery's Adventures
Henry is a very inquisitive, exuberant and adventurous goat, resulting in very unusual adventures. With Henry, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, and the mundane becomes an adventure. Through Henry's years, he has encountered many adventures and unusual happenings, so there are countless stories to tell. With Henrys help I plan to record them all. Among these stories, I know you would love hearing about how Henry met Rufus and Oscar, about the time he tried to get a part time job, and when he went to Paris.

Henry's adventures are enhanced and triggered by his vivid imagination. Although he always seems to get himself into trouble, (in fact, Henry is pretty much a magnet for trouble) his life is full of excitement. Even Rufus and Oscar enjoy the excitement and adventures although at times they would prefer not to have to deal with the problems Henry creates. I know that without all Henry's trouble, there wouldn’t be so much adventure.

Look out for some of Henry's upcoming adventures:

  • Henry's Bike
  • Henry in Paris
  • Henry's Job
  • Henry, Rufus and Oscar
  • Henry's School
  • Henry in Africa
  • Henry's Christmas
  • Henry, catastrophe at the bakery
Written and Illustrated By Ella Watkins | Copyright 2008